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Parental Involvement

Daily updates via WhatsApp keep parents informed of what is happening in our school.

We view education as a partnership between school and home and we encourage parents to keep in contact with the teachers and the school. Positive involvement in the activities of the school is welcomed.

Detailed term reports provide parents with information on their children’s progress. Parents are also encouraged to attend the Parent evening to discuss their children’s progress with the relevant staff members.

We are always delighted to welcome parents and friends to all our school activities and encourage you to come and watch your children in their sporting endeavours.

Parent Forum Application

The parent forum is made up of parents whose children attend the School. Guardians as well as foster parents may be accepted as parents. The membership to the Forum is voluntary and members are expected to afford the Forum and school the required time, energy, effort and dedication toward achieving the Forum objectives.

Parent Forum members have a key role to play in promoting good fellowship between parents. To co-ordinate efforts to promote the involvement of the parent body in fundraising and to facilitate the raising and distribution of development funds for the benefit of pupils.

Contact if you are interested in being part of the Parent Forum.