Reg. No.: 1998/018927/07, Henley Drive, Henley on Klip, 1962 | Tel: 072 608 6061 | Director: EJR Edwards

Welcome to Future Thinking Teaching

The future of education is here!

At Henley High and Preparatory School, our already existing High School from Grade 10 to 12 will be combining traditional classroom teaching with Online Subjects to create “Future Thinking Teaching”.

Learners will have a traditional schooling experience at Henley High, in the classroom and on the sports field. Achievements and accolades for sport, cultural and academic excellence will be attainable and recognised.

Grade 10 - 12 FET Phase

  Henley High & Prep School have partnered with an Independant Platform of Education.

Providing Cost Effective & Quality Education.

Variety of Subjects available!

Henley High & Prep provide our High School Learners with a safe environment, Access to Wifi, a designated Classroom, Printing Facilities and an Invigilator for daily supervision. 

In Addition to this we offer our learners:

Term School Trips/Tours

Consolidation Classes

Physical Education Classes


It is the best of both worlds, a flexible education, with a traditional school environment.