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School Uniform

Uniform Policy

  1. Grade 7-12 learners:

    Full school uniform (detailed below), including the blazer, is to be worn at all times when on the school premises, except where permission has been given by a teacher to remove the blazer.

    Grade 4-6 learners:

    All grade 4-6 learners must wear blazers and ties on Mondays for assembly. NO civvies may be worn on a Monday for learners birthdays, they can be worn on a Tuesday.

    Grade R’s uniform (boys and girls):

    Summer: Henley High and Prep School green golf shirt. Short black pants or jeans. Cap is optional but recommended. Black or white takkies. Black or white socks. Winter: HHPS Long sleeve green shirts. School Tracksuit. Black or white takkies. Black or white socks.

    Boys uniform:

    Long black formal school trousers (no chino’s or jeans). Black leather belts with plain buckles. Foundation phase and intermediate phase boys may wear formal black school shorts. All boys wear white school shirt with collars, bottle green tie and green blazers. Black socks are to be worn with black lace-up school shoes (e.g. Bata). Green school jerseys, gloves and scarves may be worn in winter.

    Girls uniform:

    Tartan skirts, white school shirts with collars, bottle green tie and a green blazer. Black school shoes (baby dolls or lace up only). Socks: grade 4-7 black and grade 8-12 white in summer. Black school stockings, green school jersey, gloves and scarves may be worn in winter. Black formal long trousers may be worn instead of the skirt.

  2. When wearing the PT kit, the tracksuit top must be worn, not the school jersey.
  3. Students who engage in physical games during breaks may remove their blazers but it must be correctly worn immediately after break.
  4. Our school uniform is to be treated with respect. The shirt tucked in at all times, shoes polished and all items clean.
  5. When students appear in public outside school premises, the uniform must be worn in full or not at all. When in uniform our school code of conduct is in place.
  6. Incorrect uniform or incorrect wearing of our uniform will lead to action being taken against the student, this could include demerits.
  7. Full school uniform needs to be worn to all school functions, including parents’ evenings. Students who are spectators at extra mural events must also be in full school uniform.
  8. Students with unacceptable hairstyles according to the criteria laid out below will be given 48 hours to correct their hairstyle, failing to do so, they will receive demerits according to the code of conduct. Blazers may also be taken away while rectifying.
  9. Acceptable hairstyles and jewellery:
    • Short back and sides – above the collar and not touching ears.
    • Not shaved to less than number 4.
    • All haircuts must be blended and conform to the shape of the head – no steps, Mohawks or comb-overs.
    • No gel or styling products.
    • No clumping of hair – scalp must not be visible.
    • No hair colouring allowed.
    • Boys must be clean-shaven; no sideburns lower than halfway down the ear.
    • No jewellery allowed except for watches and medic-alert bracelets.
    • Long hair must be tied back; hair must be kept off the eyes.
    • Hair bands, no wider than 2cm, plain hair clips. No fashion hair clips or accessories.
    • All hair accessories can be brown or black (solid / plain colours i.e. no spots or stripes in another colour).
    • No hair colouring allowed.
    • Only clear nail polish is allowed.
    • No jewellery or accessories allowed except for watches and medic-alert bracelets.
    • One pair of gold or silver stud / sleeper earrings in the lowest hole.
    Ethnic hair:
    • Style of braids must all be in the same direction – no fancy patterns.
  10. Students are not allowed to have tattoos or any other form of body art that is visible whilst wearing school uniform or sports clothes.

Purchasing the School Uniform

Following is a list of where the various items of HHPS School Uniform can be purchased.

Blazer and Girl’s skirt: Family Boutique, 19 Loch Street, Meyerton. Tel. 016 3622072

Tie/Tracksuit/Sport’s Uniform/PT Uniform/GrR Golf Shirt/Black Shorts/Jersey/Gloves/Scarves: Henley High and Prep School

All other basic items: shoes/socks/shirts/pants/stockings/white or black tekkies/etc.: Any department store

Black swimming costume for swimming gala’s: Be-Mi Activewear, 411 Galloway Street, Sybrand van Niekerk Park, Meyerton - or Mr Price Sports, or Sportsmen’s Warehouse

Second hand uniforms can be purchased from the Swop Shop.