Henley High & Preparatory School (Pty) Ltd
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Academic Programme

Emphasis is placed on a disciplined approach to academic success. Steady application to study throughout the year is encouraged by the inclusion of terms marks in determining end-of-year promotion marks.

Foundation Phase (Gr RR - 3)

As a progressive school, we aim to equip each child with life skills that will produce socially and emotionally well-adjusted and resourceful human beings. Our approach to learning encourages children to develop a positive self-image through the development of sound, social, communication and concentration skills, gross and fine motor co-ordination, auditory and visual discrimination as well as problem solving skills.

An Aftercare Centre is available for children in this phase. It is operational on weekday afternoons as well as all school holidays with the exception of the December break.

Learning areas:

  • English (Home Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
  • Life Skills
  • Zulu (Second Additional Language) phasing in, currently (2017) up to Grade 2.
  • Music

Extra Activities:

  • Computers
  • Horse Riding

Intermediate Phase (Gr 4 - 6)

In this phase we strive to develop the learners’ emotional well-being by promoting pride in accomplishment, self-confidence and self-discipline; their social well-being by promoting respect for self and others; and their intellectual development. The syllabus in this phase is designed to develop skills in a range of learning areas.

  • English (Home Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
  • Life Skills
  • NST (Natural Science and Technology)
  • History
  • Geography

Senior Phase (Gr 7 - 9)

This is regarded as the “exploratory phase” where learners are subjected to a compulsory range of learning areas, which include:

  • English (Home Language)
  • Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences (Science & Biology)
  • Technology
  • Economic and Management Sciences (EMS: Business and Accounting)
  • Life Orientation (LO)
  • Creative Art
  • Social Sciences (History and Geography)

By the end of this phase, learners should be able to determine their personal strengths that will allow for the selection of suitable subjects in Grade 10 – 12.

High School – Further Education & Training (FET) Grade 10 – 12

The Grade 10 learners now enter into a more specialised phase of their school career and are required under NCS guidelines to compile a subject package of 7 learning areas. There are 4 compulsory fundamental subjects and 3 elective subjects that can be chosen from those on offer. Alternative subjects can be arranged, but the cost involved will constitute an extra payment.

Compulsory Subjects:

  • English (Home Language)
  • Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
  • Core Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation

Subjects to choose from:

  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Application Technology (CAT)
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Tourism
  • Engineering and Graphic Design (EGD)
  • History

These subjects may not be available in all grades (10 – 12) due to a lack of interest. See Academic Policy for more detail regarding pass requirements.