Henley Primary School (Registered as Henley High & Preparatory School (Pty) Ltd)
Reg. No.: 1998/018927/07, Henley Drive, Henley on Klip, 1962 | P O Box 463, Henley on Klip, 1962 | Tel: 072 608 6061 | Director: EJR Edwards


Young lives are entrusted to us and we endeavor to provide the optimum atmosphere, opportunity and professional services for your child’s learning experience. We have faith in their future; therefore it is vital that we develop and encourage their belief in themselves.


There is a strong academic tradition and all pupils are encouraged to work to the best of their own ability. Classes are small and pupils are given individual attention. We strive to create a happy atmosphere, providing for the talents of each child. Pupils are encouraged to develop a caring and responsible attitude towards others. This is achieved within a framework of good behavior and manners. The life of the school is based on Christian principles.


Knowledge - Growth - Success


To strive for collective excellence in an ever changing and challenging world.

Our aim is for every child to:

  • Develop self-confidence, self discipline and a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves and others
  • Develop genuinely enquiring minds
  • Form their own reasoned, independent opinions, beliefs and values based on mutual respect and tolerance
  • Develop a positive self image based on a sense of belonging and security
  • To strive for collective excellence in an ever changing world.
  • Realise that the acquisition of knowledge will broaden their horizons and improve their chances of succeeding in our ever changing world
  • Rise to meet challenges and not shy away from a problem or obstacle in their path
  • Appreciate and value society, diversity and their place in it
  • Foster an interest in our environment and a commitment to its preservation
  • Respect our school and all its people that make up its family.

We Lead by Example